Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wait, wait, there's more

You may have missed yesterday's story about newlyweds Jackie and Helen Stewart in Monaco because Facebook would not print the pic on the left, but insisted on a dopey pic of a racing car.  

         Anyway, click on bob judd in the title above then scroll down for yesterday's blog on the story of the newlyweds in Monaco.

The blog is off for the weekend, but don't go away.

Click on bob judd on the top of this page or click on such gems as  my favorite,  How You Look at the Sky Or just cruise through, maybe come upon some unexpected little gem like an excerpt from The Candle In Praise of the Belleville MidgetsThe Midgets of Belleville. Part IITruth in Grass: a Kansas adventure, The Story of the Larned Eagle Optic, Hollywood Calls, You Pick up the Phone,
Hollywood Calls, you pick up the phone part 2 maybe my favorite My Short Happy War in Afghanistan or no, wait, wait, Fangio and the Maserati 250 F for the priceless video of Fangio in a polo shirt and helmet, absolutely relaxed driving a Maserati 250F around a beat up old race track with no run off, no barriers, no safety nothing.  My lunch with Rob Walker is a good one even though it leaves out the Betty Grable stories. Then there's Erno Goldfingers house-and-mine, which throws in Ian Flemming, no extra charge. Riding around Laguna Seca with Jackie Stewart was picked up by
              Or Uncle John's Prayer
             And, of course, the one that started it all, Truck Story 
             Or go visit Elif Batumen, San Francisco's brightest and funniest writer, a fine lady to curl up with for a good read.  Here's Elif's homepage.
             Enjoy, Have a ball.  Bob

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