Friday, July 29, 2011

Raptor Rescue at the Double Ditch Ranch

Maybe the bird was dazzled by the rainbow. Or just missed a chickadee and dove down the chimney at its usual 40 MPH

We heard it in the fireplace the next morning and called Raptor Rescue.  We expected a SWAT team with helmets, bullet proof vests and shields.  But it was mild mannered Cynthia who showed up, armed with a towel.
Cynthia dove headfirst into the fireplace
"It's OK," she beamed.  It was a Kestrel, the smallest falcon on the continent.  Only weighed around 4 ounces. Not much bigger than a sparrow.
Cynthia stretched one wing then the other and felt the raptor's legs and feet for broken bones.
It wasn't hurt just filthy from a night in the fireplace
Cynthia let it go.  "It won't do that again," she said.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dog is my Navigator

                The dog and I cleared out of South Bend, Indiana and drove to Rochester where I took some shots of the house where John Logan, of A Mighty Fool Stunt, grew up.  It was only 4PM the dog said go for it so we drove 300 miles to get to the great Commerce Street Bar & Grill in Plankinton, South Dakota.
                 But it was closed for two weeks while Chef Ted was in France. 
                "Hit the road," the dog said. "I'll navigate."

                                                                                   The next thing I know we're in The Badlands. 

 "No sweat," the dog said, "I''ve been here before. "