Monday, June 20, 2011

Barkley Stays in Beagle Heaven.

This is where Barkley stayed while we went to my college reunion

  Clover Hill Farm is a beautiful horse farm next to Williams College with a grand view of the Berkshires in all directions.

Carolyn Henderson, who owns Clover Hill Farm said, "Oh there's always room for another beagle.  She has four. 
Barkley, the dog, slept with her and Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie, and Ladybug. Under the covers. $15 a night

This is where we stayed.  Normally $59 a night, the motel gave us their special reunion weekend rate; $159 a night. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

These sweet little towns: Miracle Cure at The Commerce Street Grill

You never know what the road is gonna serve up
After lunch in Sundance, Wyoming, Barkley had a pee in the park and seemed just fine.  (stay with us it gets better.)

After we crossed the Missouri river Kathryn had a hunch about Plankinton, South Dakota, and we pulled off the highway.  Look closely and you'll see the last of the wedding party carrying on behind the Ponderosa. 

So we pulled up in front of the Commerce Street Grill.  A place you might miss walking down the street. And is worth, in the words of the Guide Michelin, a journey.

Barkley commenced to shake, cough, and gasp for air.  (The little dog had disappeared from our locked hotel in the morning (still a mystery how he got out) and who knows what happened.)
This coughing and shaking goes on for a long and worrying while. Siezure, burr up his nose, cardiac event. Dr. Quack is no use at all.
A lanky 6'6" cowboy, looks like a former tight end, strolls over, kneels over Barkley and places his fingers on the dog's spine, just above and below the dog's shoulders and Barkley is transformed. Cured.  Happy.  Turns out the lanky gent is a BEST chiropractor of a special kind, he owns the restaurant the chef Ted Jude is a former Fairmont group chef and we have a world class dinner with fine wine.
After dinner Barkley had a stroll in the empty lot next door and we were all just fine

Friday, June 3, 2011

We're not in Palo Alto anymore

We sold our house in California, took the money and ran.
We stayed in Motel 6s along the way because they're cheap and allow dogs.  The dog, we learned, is a terrible driver
We arrived on May 26, our ninth wedding anniversary. There was hail, 50 mph winds and rain.  A bighorned sheep would have turned back
The Storey Hereford Ranch cattle stopped by to say hello
We are in the great caldera of a Karakatoa
Our new neighbors are curious
Let me know if you know what this red throat, dagger beak bird is
The robin on her nest was worried
Kathryn is very happy
We leave for Williamstown, MA in a couple of hours