Friday, June 3, 2011

We're not in Palo Alto anymore

We sold our house in California, took the money and ran.
We stayed in Motel 6s along the way because they're cheap and allow dogs.  The dog, we learned, is a terrible driver
We arrived on May 26, our ninth wedding anniversary. There was hail, 50 mph winds and rain.  A bighorned sheep would have turned back
The Storey Hereford Ranch cattle stopped by to say hello
We are in the great caldera of a Karakatoa
Our new neighbors are curious
Let me know if you know what this red throat, dagger beak bird is
The robin on her nest was worried
Kathryn is very happy
We leave for Williamstown, MA in a couple of hours

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Anonymous said...

We got married 3/23/03. Left Sanata Barbara on 3/23/04 for Birdeye Indiana. Haven't looked back yet. Left six kids and spouses and 15 grandchildren. We are heartless I guess but it's our life and we need to live it as we want to, happy every day as we have so few days left. The closer I get to what a knew as a child the better my writing goes. Good for you & Kathryn. Judy Fay Donahue