Monday, January 30, 2012


Late Saturday afternoon, just before dusk, we set out to drive down Axtell-Anceney Road. Third generation rancher, Joe Axtell, is our next door neighbor two miles away. 

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Charles Anceney founded the Flying D ranch (now Ted Turner's 113,613 acre ranch)  that stretches from Yellowstone National Park to (almost) Joe Axtell's ranch.  

 The old dirt road winds along to tops of ridges and down into valleys.

Suddenly Kathryn yelled STOP. STOP THE CAR!

Kathryn knows a moose when she sees one.  We thought this one might be guarding a little calf down by the creek. But we weren't about to go down and have a look. It was huge, twice the size of a cow.

We're thrilled to have a moose (and a mountain lion, black bears, deer & Sand Hill cranes) for a neighbor. She can come visit any time she likes.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Ressurection of Allard FBA 685 Part III


  I sold it to a gentleman in Florida to pay for a 6 month drive around the world.


 50 years later, Martin Stickley, another gentleman in Florida, found FBA 685 abandoned, tired and dirty in a shed. He had it completely restored.

 And showed it at the Amelia Island Concours de'Elegance last spring
Now FBA 685 is alive and well and younger and faster and living in Florida.
While I am older and slower and living in Montana. But we still keep in touch. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When we were young we thought the landscape told the truth

 When we were young we thought our town, Chappaqua, was the center of the universe,

and Katonah, a dull burg on a hillside north of nowhere.

 Katonah used to be a river town where the Cross River ran into the Croton river. 
 The New Croton Dam changed everything.

Croton River valley flooded for over 20 miles. Over 150 farms were drowned.  
The houses of Katonah jumped up

and ran 

for the hills