Saturday, August 31, 2013

Iva for me wins the sneakers

Last night was Bobcat night at the Riverside Country Club, a fundraiser for the Montana State tennis teams, organized by newlywed and 2012 Big Sky Tennis Coach of the Year, Jared Burnham, and 2007 Big Sky Tennis Coach of the Year, Denise Albrecht
 My partner; Iva Parapunova, Montana State Women's Tennis Team No. 1 singles player.
 The Bobcat men and women played baby tennis with us fumblers and bumblers, giving us soft serves and easy returns. Thanks to Iva, who is bright, beautiful and gracious as well as a whacking great tennis player, we came in second and I won a new pair of tennis shoes.  Iva is a sophomore from New Zealand and Bulgaria studying art and architecture. Like an old man beating a drum as the parade goes by, I will always be her fan. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Historic Gateway Tour of Historic Porportions

Last Saturday  the ranch was on the "Historic Gateway Tour." Over 300 people showed up to see the old stone house, the log barn, the old Indian Trail and the buffalo jump.
Sally Broughton, President of the Gallatin Valley Historic Preservation Board, directs traffic at the top of the driveway while Kathryn in the straw hat, holds forth in front of her log barn.
Kathryn loves to talk about her ranch.  She talked so much her jaw hurt.
Our friend, Wendy Marquis, and her art looked right at home in the barn
After the tour ended, we threw a party for the docents
Former County Commissoner and  "great, great, grand-nephew of the founder of Salesville," (now called Gallatin Gateway) Walter Sales, 86, was there
After it was over, the ranch went back to same ol' used to be.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Announcement of STAGgering Importance

Heads up.  Next Saturday
there will be an historic tour
of the ranch including the old stone house
   the log barn, the Indian Trail, and the Buffalo Jump.
Tickets $10
(at the Pioneer Museum, Gallatin County Courthouse, etc. etc.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Orchard Report

Last night, a juvenile golden eagle said there's a lot going on in the orchard, Bob.  You need to check it out.
The orchard had been abandoned for years.  We started revival last year.  The old apple trees are coming back to life. 
The Wayne Crowell Memorial Honey Crisp we planted last year has 4 apples.
And this is really interesting.  Fresh bear poop.

The bear said this is gonna be a great year for apples, Bob. I get first pick. You got a problem with that?


Friday, August 9, 2013

On top of the Buffalo Jump

When our urban friends come to visit we like to take them up to the top of the buffalo jump for a glass of wine
a walk

 and a fresh perspective