Saturday, August 31, 2013

Iva for me wins the sneakers

Last night was Bobcat night at the Riverside Country Club, a fundraiser for the Montana State tennis teams, organized by newlywed and 2012 Big Sky Tennis Coach of the Year, Jared Burnham, and 2007 Big Sky Tennis Coach of the Year, Denise Albrecht
 My partner; Iva Parapunova, Montana State Women's Tennis Team No. 1 singles player.
 The Bobcat men and women played baby tennis with us fumblers and bumblers, giving us soft serves and easy returns. Thanks to Iva, who is bright, beautiful and gracious as well as a whacking great tennis player, we came in second and I won a new pair of tennis shoes.  Iva is a sophomore from New Zealand and Bulgaria studying art and architecture. Like an old man beating a drum as the parade goes by, I will always be her fan. 

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Tom Logan said...

Very cool. New Zealand and Bulgaria - she does get around.