Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We woke to a throttled scream on the Double Ditch Ranch

        The scream wasn't human, but close enough.  We startled up from our bed and ran to the back porch.  The villains strolled out from behind the cottonwoods wearing feathers.  Three sandhill cranes: Mom and Dad and the kid who was probably the one that was yelled at, following behind.

 Maybe they saw us, watching from the back porch.  Whatever, they took off to wake up some other ranch.

There were a lot of deer last night.  Bow and arrow season started last week but we're still more than a month away from gun season.  These fawns are still innocent of winter.

These young bucks are horny teenagers, showing off to the pretty young does in by the fence.

Something startled them and they were off in a flash of tails.