Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Footnote to Real Survival

Find the trail.  Can't find it?  Never mind.  You can always make your own. The next human being is on the other side of the mountain.

Slim Williams and his dogs.  If you squint he looks like Clark Gable.
          Yesterday's blog on Slim Williams (scroll down a page) and my Uncle John needs a footnote. 

          Recently, Discovery Channel had a reality show about trekking in the Alaska Wilderness called The Alaska Experiment  Ordinary people try to survive in the wild. 

           They are tracked by helicopters.  They have guides, fleece, parkas, gps, gas matches, cell phones, hi-tech boots, radios, high tech tents, sleeping bags, etc. etc.
            John Logan and Slim Williams had none of that.  Sure John started out looking like a page out of a 1939 Abercrombie and Fitch ("the greatest sporting goods store in the world") catalog.  They dumped all that fancy stuff in a few days.  Their one canvas tarp was their ground sheet,tent and when there was a river to cross, their boat.  Their tools were a rifle and an axe.  They didn't have nylon anything. Which makes their trek of 2,500 miles through the wilderness all the more impressive. And John's diary, written every night in pencil by the fire, a rare document of what survival takes when you really are on your own without another soul for a hundred miles.

                      On that note, the blog is off to Florida for a few days trek by rentacar to friends, family and sandy shores.  We will not be taking a rifle or an axe.  Do not send search parties. 
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             Enjoy, Have a ball.  See you Monday, January 31 when
Juddstory will return.

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