Friday, January 7, 2011

Bye Bye Black Bird


You say you love me like
a lion loves his Africa sky.
You say  your pretty words,
I know what they buy.

You lay your words around my neck
like emeralds.  Hang dazzlers
from my ears.  When you left
I scooped up your words
in a shopping bag dumped
them on the pawnshop
counter. The man say your words
ain't worth a dime.  Not worth,
he said, the  usual word for
fundament. Keep your words.

The day I called you said you
sliced your palm to the
bone, drooled blood
in your kitchen sink
stained your marble bath.
Bleed dry.  See how it feels.

You say I am turquoise and gold,
a bird of paradise in snow.
You say my breath blows maroon
through your mind. You
say I am a brass band in
a little tin town. You
say, you say.
I say
show me
what good
your words do
you now.  I'm gone.

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