Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throw Mamma From the Plane An Escort.

Dry Mud Lake, Southern California 1985. The Client is on the right.  

               The Bad News, we told Ford of Europe, is we want to fly 6 European Ford Escorts from Europe to California.  The Good News is that we'll bring 3 of them back.
                The "New" European Ford Escort had a new front spoiler.  Like a slightly altered chin. Otherwise it was last year's car.  Never mind, we had to introduce the little car in Europe. 
                 So we said if we don't have any news, let's make news.  "Let's throw it out of a plane, and drive the new one out of the hole in the ground."  Ford agreed and we flew from soggy London to Dry Mud Lake in Southern California.  
                A C-3 cargo plane rose over the mountains and floated in for a landing.  After it touched down, turned around and shut off its engine the desert was quiet.  Then something.  A helicopter.  No, wait, helicopters. And planes. Within minutes we were surrounded by the DEA, FBI, US Narcotics agents, The County Sheriff, California Highway patrol.  Wall to wall sunglasses with guns drawn.  They thought they'd caught a big shipment of coke, marijuana, something big, gone wrong. 
              They made the C-3 lower the cargo ramp and climbed into the plane, slipping and sliding on the ramp's rollers.  After a while, slipping and sliding, they were tumbling back to solid ground.  Nope, no drugs.  We explained we were going to throw Escorts out the back of the plane.

The front loader behind the client dug the hole for the "new"
Ford Escort to climb out of. Art Director John Vanderpump to my left.
(click on image to enlarge)
  Which we did.  

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