Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Montana Birds of Spring

Hard to tell when spring arrives in Montana. Sunny and warm one day, blizzard the next.  So we look to the birds to tell us when spring arrives. Old Gnarly here was 20 yards away and looked like he was waiting for the dog to come out the front door.

These ring-neck turtle doves beneath the eagle's tree were another possible target. Like so many recent arrivals, they are native to LA and their prospects are not good.

Always a good sign when the Sandhill Cranes arrive with their goofy dignified walk. Sandhill Cranes have been around longer than the Gallatin River and have a pre-historic call. Foxes fear them. This was a sunny yesterday . . .

today it's cold and snowing and the Sandhill Cranes don't care at all. They live on the edge of winter and dance.

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Edward Scheterlak said...

Wonderful pix, my friend. It's so grand that we live in a place where this kind of "siting" is just part of everyday life.