Thursday, March 13, 2014

Moving In

We had professional help moving in last weekend.  Zach Willis, a former running back at MSU, and his buddy, former MSU offensive tackle Walt Glover, both huge and powerful men with a delightful sense of humor, loaded up the truck at the trailer where we were living and drove a quarter mile to our new house.

Unfortunately as they were backing in . . .

They got stuck.
Really stuck. The U-Haul had bald tires. Zach and Walt wailed on the ice with sledge hammers and a pick axe for an hour but

it was still blocking the road.

Then, Brad Visser, who lives in the stone house on the ranch and did our beautiful new oak floors came along in his 1 ton diesel pickup. After a couple of violent yanks .  . .
(to be continued tomorrow)

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