Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Alaskans Won't Tell you


Alaskans will tell you that Alaska is beautiful. And it is.  Drive down almost any road and mountains rise up before you with lakes shimmering at their feet.  
What Alaskans won't tell you is that an impressive number of Alaskans are deeply religious.

Yes, many Alaskans worship Detritus, God of Junk.  Yard after yard proudly displays rusting dishwashers, delaminating campers, burial mounds of tires, cadavers that were once cars, junker pickups, fractured toilets and mushroom farms of upholstery.

And if your Alaskan neighbor has more junk in his yard than you have in yours, no problem. Go down to your local friendly neighborhood junk store and buy more junk.


Howard Junker said...

junker is good

Bob Judd said...

Yes, Junker is good. Junker, dear Junker,has been entombed in the text.