Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Fall Out of Love Rises Again

(new cover by Sven Mohr)
         America's leading behavior therapist Debora Phillips and I first wrote How to Fall Out of Love in 1978.  Debora was on Oprah 4 times and had 5 pages devoted to her and our book in People magazine.  We sold the paperback rights for a couple of suitcases full of cash.
        I moved to London.  Debora had her practice in Beverly Hills, NYC and Paris. And we more or less forgot about the little book.
          Thirty years later, I found it was still in print.  With no advertising, PR, or marketing the book has been selling all on its own for decades because one person was telling another person, "it works."
         We spent the last three years getting the rights back from Houghton-Mifflen, founding our own publishing company, re-writing and adding three decades of experience.  Publication date is Feb 14 (because not everybody is happy on Valentine's Day).
           Now available at bookstores and online at Amazon. As we like to say, someone you know needs this book.

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