Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Walk Along River Road

Christmas was warm and sunny, a good day for a walk along River Road where we live in Bozeman, Montana

Barkley needed a little reigning in at first

River Road follows the Gallatin River 

And runs along the pastures of the Kelly Ranch
There was a unicorn in the pasture by the stone house, looking for his lost horn

We walked five miles.  So we were glad to get back to the Double Ditch Ranch and build a fire in the fireplace


Anne and Chris said...

Looks wonderful guys. Miss you a lot back here in 'cold' California.
Please have only the best of New Years... Chris Payne & Anne Scott

Judy Fay said...

You say Montana but I know a movie set when I see it. You gave it away when you said the unicorn had lost his horm. His horn is right there on hishead where it always is. If it had been his glasses it would have slit him. oxoxoxo Judy Fay

Bob Judd said...

Actually it was a movie set. The Gallatin River that runs for two miles through Kathryn's ranch, ran through the movie. It's not the river in the book, A River Runs Through It, but it is where the movie was filmed.