Friday, October 22, 2010

Road Tripping With The Queen Mary

We saw a Pontiac Star Chief on eBay. "That's just like Daddy's car when I was a little girl," Kathryn said.  "He raced it once and won a turkey." This one was on a hog farm in Iowa.
The interior looked good on eBay.  And it was.

When we got it home in California, it had a lot of hog farm on it.  And a pond of water in the trunk.  We painted it and it cleaned up good. It was good for parades. We call her The Queen Mary. (click on these pictures to enlarge.)

Kathryn drove The Queen Mary around Laguna Seca Raceway

We drove it to Montana.  Our friend Tana rode in the back with the Xplode.

We had fried ice cream on the way

Kathryn had the old log bar restored

And got a preservation easement to make sure the ranch would always be a ranch.  The Queen Mary looked right at home.  There was a lot to celebrate

Kathryn gave a powerful speech on why land preservation matters

 We invited the neighbors over for a bbq

And we just had a ball.

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